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02 November 2012

brotherly love


The whole time I was pregnant with Oskar I was very nervous about how the boys would treat the new baby. Especially Nick. Max and Nick are almost four years apart so Max was pretty independent by the time Nick rolled around. Which meant he didn't mind me giving him less attention or needing to feed the baby all day. But Nick and Oskar? Just two years apart. So I had no idea what to expect. Jealousy? Anger? Resentment?

Thankfully, they love Oskar. (insert sigh of relief)

From the moment they came into the hospital room to meet him it was love at first sight. (especially Nick) And I discovered that instead of needing to worry about jealousy or animosity towards the new baby, I needed to worry about Oskar getting TOO MUCH love. Because Nick's love can be a little suffocating.

And if Oskar ends up with claustrophobia, I know why.


  1. These pictures are precious!! :) Such sweet brothers.

  2. How sweet! I'm glad they all get along!

  3. I just love that second picture! So precious!