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26 November 2012

i survived last week.

Within the course of one week, I had a photo shoot, long overdue grocery shopping trip with the whole family, adjustment back to having Rob home again (which is an ongoing thing), got my hair done, edited photos, school with Max, went and met some superheros, had an Op Love session, had an awesome Thanksgiving, came down with a nasty stomach bug, took our family photos (while still sick...), got Rob ready to leave again, and spent way too long at the airport with the verdict that Rob is staying home instead of leaving again (yay!). Oh, and I had the usual nurse the baby every couple of hours and take care of the non-stop needs of children (like feeding and bathing and dressing and breaking  up fights). But I survived!

And Rob gets a million gold stars, not only did he watch all three kids by himself for the first time during my Op Love session, he also did not come down with the nasty stomach bug so he got to clean up the vomit and do laundry and take care of us sick ones. If he had not been there, I don't know what I would have done.

Also, here is the proof we met some superheros:
We waited in line for an hour and a half but it was so worth it. Even if Nick was terrified of them and Max was too shy to say hello. (The original plan was that I would take the picture with just the two boys with the superheros, but they refused to do it without me. Which is why spiderman got cut out, the nice gentleman who took the picture is not a photographer). Do you like my movie star hair? They had two HUGE fans blowing on us, and while it's fun to think they were there so I could look like a model with my wind-swept hair, I'm pretty sure it was so the guys wouldn't melt in their costumes.

Lastly, I hope my boys remember moments like this and not the ones where I fail miserably. I hate crowds and lines so if I'm going to deal with either it had better be for something awesome. And since the boys are pretty much obsessed with the Avengers I figured meeting Iron Man and Thor would be pretty awesome. So please Max and Nick, remember this instead of the fact that you never get to meet Santa.


  1. I think meeting a superhero trumps Santa any day!!!

  2. I think meeting a superhero trumps Santa any day!!!

  3. I love that they got to meet some superheros! :)