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17 May 2010

places we'll miss: Chakras

Next up: Chakras Spa

Chakras is where I get my hair done. Or rather, did. The people here know their stuff. We'd always watch What Not to Wear at my parent's house, and my sisters and I would moan about how we need our own Nick Arojo. Well, I found mine, his name is J Bulluck. And honestly, I think he's BETTER than Nick Arojo.

Anyway, so Chakras has a hair salon, but they also have a spa where you can get a massage or various other beauty treatments. And it's beautiful. I love re-vamped old buildings.

This fountain has always been Max's favorite thing there.

Perfectly lined up products make the OCD side of me very happy.

J, my stylist. Love him.

You can check out his website here.

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