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17 May 2010

places we'll miss: Saigon

Rob and I have made it no secret that Greensboro isn't our most favorite place in the world. Now don't get me wrong, we LOVE the people. It's the PHYSICAL attributes of Greensboro we don't like. For example, everything is so spread out it takes forever to get anywhere. BUT, there are still little gems within this place that we will miss. My original plan had been to go to every place we'll miss and take pictures, but then the reality of being pregnant and having a not-so-cooperative three year old necessitated whittling that list down to the top 3 places that make me cry to think about leaving. In fact, we love them so much they will be visited every trip we take back to Greensboro.

First up: Saigon restaurant.

Now, I went to school for Interior Architecture and had the importance of wayfinding and signage and curb appeal drilled into my head for 5 years. So I can honestly say I probably would have never come here to eat if it weren't for the fact that we know one of the owner/operators. And let me just say, the inside does not match the outside.

It looks kind of dumpy from the outside, but man oh man is the food to die for!

We don't really eat at restaurants that much, fast food has always been more in our budget if we were going to eat out. But every now and then we'd splurge and go to Saigon (in fact, if we were going to go out to eat, this is where you would find us 95% of the time).

And we almost never get appetizers, but here we just couldn't resist. We always get the fried and fresh spring roll plate (I prefer the fried, Rob prefers the fresh):


I can honestly say that the ones we prefer are because of the sauce. Rob really likes the peanut sauce that comes with the raw spring rolls, I really like the sauce that comes with the fried (I'm not sure what it is exactly).

And after eating there a couple times, I found "my" dish. It's the Vermicelli with Lemon Grass Beef. And I usually get extra vegetable with it. Mmm, I'm salivating right now. And unfortunately, I crave that dish, so once I found it I haven't had anything else.

I didn't take a picture of Rob's food, but I know he enjoyed it as well. He's much more adventurous than I am, and gets something different every time we go. And I can honestly say that I can't remember him ever being disappointed.

I also apologize for not getting a picture of the interior. Max was with us this trip, and 3 year olds and restaurants are not always the best mix, so I had my hands full trying to keep him occupied.

So, Saigon is the #1 restaurant we will miss in Greensboro. We will miss it so much that every time we come back to Greensboro to visit, you know where to find us for at least one meal.

And if you live in Greensboro and haven't been there yet, GO!!!!!!

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