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17 May 2010

projects for nicola: knitware

Because Nicola is a summer baby, I haven't knit much for him yet. Especially since I hear Oklahoma summers are really hot. I've been more concerned with making sure the stuff he'll use over the summer was done first, so I'm sure this summer I'll be knitting away at little hats and stuff for winter.

But I did make him some little shorts out of cotton yarn. I saw the pattern in a book and about died. They took me forever to make, I flew through the first half, then had a lot of trouble concentrating enough to finish the last half. They're also one of the more complicated things I've made so far (I've only been knitting a year and a half). I thought I had followed the pattern exactly, but once I was done realized I'd messed up at some point: the holes for the drawstring are on the side instead of in the front:
I still think they're cute though. And I can't wait to see some chubby baby legs in them!

And last minute I decided he needed a hat to wear home from the hospital, so I whipped this one up to go with his going home outfit:
I just hope it fits him. Max had (and still does...) a ginormous head, so all the hats I had for him didn't fit.

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