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17 May 2010

projects for nicola: applique

Like probably everyone else, I've seen applique onesies all over the internet for awhile now. I joined the bandwagon and made some for my baby too.

I bought these fabrics as part of a fat quarter set, with no purpose in mind. I just really liked them and figured I'd find a use for them someday. Well, I did. Because the fabric is ocean-themed, and my in-laws run an aquarium business, I figured it was appropriate to do sea creatures.

So we have:

a horseshoe crab

a starfish

a crab

a squid

and my favorite: an octopus

For those that are curious: I created my own templates for these, I didn't get them off the internet anywhere. One night I sat down and sketched them out on notebook paper while watching a movie, then cut them out and that was that. The fabric is attached with iron-on transfers, then I hand embroidered around the edges as a precaution since most of them have little skinny pieces that will probably start to peel up as they get washed over and over.


  1. My favorite is the squid! "I'm a Giant Squid and I'm BIG!"

  2. I LOVE THEM! I, too, am a HUGE fan of applique!
    Just saw your facebook stuff, he's adorable and I can't believe how much HAIR he has! Hope you can do everything like you have planned for your move to OK!