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09 June 2011

check this out!

So cyber friends of mine and fellow photographers Wendy Laurel and Tory O'Leary have started a blog that features portrait sessions!! It's called Let the Kids Dress Themselves. The internet has SO many blogs dedicated to weddings and wedding photography, but is severely lacking in blogs for life before and after the big day. What's even better is the goal of Let the Kids Dress Themselves is to feature HONEST photography of REAL people. No more styled shoots with models and props. Instead, honest-to-goodness families, babies, kids, pregnant bellies, normal people. They launched the blog this week and have already showcased some yummy sessions, I can't wait to see what the future holds! So if you're ever in the mood to view some fabulous photographs, head on over!


  1. Went and took a peek. LOVE IT. Definitely adding them to my required viewing list!

  2. Thank you!!! Saw your on my source list for viewers. You have a popular blog :) Where's the submission????