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20 June 2011

sunday best

I had a little more fun this week... after a couple of weeks where I really didn't care what I wore I got back into the groove! (I'm seeing a trend... I'm more excited about my outfits when I can pair then with boots...)

shirt: Old Navy (same shirt as the one under the maxi dress a couple of weeks ago)
overshirt: Target (not normally something I would buy, but it was on major clearance so I bought it)
skirt: Old Navy (I think I was 15 or 16 when I got it)
shoes: they're Minnetonka moccasins, I bought them somewhere online
belt: Kohls? I think I bought it my freshman year of college. I also had to punch another hole in it Saturday night so I could wear it around my waist instead of my hips.
necklace: Saddleblanket, located here in El Paso (it was only $16!!). That place has AWESOME jewelry (very much my style too; although if you don't like lots of turquoise it's not for you).
The whole outfit was chosen to be worn with this necklace.



And this is what I got when I was setting everything up:
That man doesn't take a serious photo to save his life.

And these are here just 'cause he's so stinkin' cute.


And I think the novelty has begun to wear off with Max... he just popped in to boss me around for a second before taking off again.


  1. Rob's photos totally crack me up!

  2. I remember that skirt. And I remember loving it. It's such a good color.
    And I love how you said the necklace was only like sixteen dollars. I don't think I've ever spend more than eight on a piece of jewelry in my life. I guess I just don't know how to accessorize, so I don't even try.
    And I love your individual style. You're such an artist in everything you do.