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15 June 2011


Last fall, back in Oklahoma, we headed out to attend Ft. Sill's Oktoberfest celebration. (thank goodness we had Tiffany to make sure we went out and did fun stuff, otherwise I probably would've just stayed at home the whole time like the hermit I am...) It was so. much. fun! Not really how Germany celebrates Oktoberfest I'd guess, but we had a blast!

I was really excited when we got there because there was a mini fair set up and we had heard that the stuff for kids was free. So Max ran through this bounce house a couple times:
When we moved on to the next thing we found out that it was, in fact, not free. You had to buy tickets to go on any of the rides... We're guessing Max managed to go through that first thing without any tickets 'cause the old man running it didn't really care:)

So we wandered around instead (tickets were way overpriced) and managed to find the free activities! Unfortunately, they were on the tennis courts where it was blistering hot. Max managed to guzzle most of my water that day:

Max got to bowl (with Chris, of course!):



Here is Max watching some games with dad:

Meanwhile, I got some shaved ice (my favorite!)"

Then we all chilled in the tent while the military band played. Nick did some people watching from the safety of his stroller:

While we scarfed funnel cake:

This old man was so cute, he just sat by himself drinking, toasting the band whenever the occasion called for it:

I thought the tent was pretty cool:

After we ate we found the free bounce houses and Max had a grand old time:

He would only go down the slide this way:

Then Max wanted to see how strong he was:

Then decided he might need dad's help:

It may have been hot, but it was fun!

Sorry for butchering your holiday Germany!

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