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06 June 2011

sunday best

I present week two! This outfit didn't really excite me that much... I pulled it together last minute Saturday night while I was brushing my teeth 'cause nothing else had come to mind the entire week preceding. I especially didn't like the shoes I wore with it; I wanted some sort of sandal (like some cute gladiator sandals) but I don't own any. And since I didn't try on any shoes with it until Sunday morning I didn't have time to try on every pair of shoes I own so I just went with the ones below.

shirt: Old Navy
dress: Target
sweater: Old Navy (I wore at church when I got chilly, otherwise it was too hot here for it)
necklace: not sure, it was a gift
shoes: Payless



And in case you were wondering, the novelty hasn't worn off yet...






I don't mind though. It's pretty much the only time he'll willingly be photographed these days.

(p.s. I've noticed after taking these that I have a good side:) Explains why all my IDs look like mug shots.)

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