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04 February 2013

sunday best: baby fashion

There is no outfit for me today since we have all been hermits the past few days while the little ones (and now the big ones) have been battling a nasty cold. So instead I present to you some baby fashion! I try to take pictures of my favorite outfits Oskar wears since he's so stinkin' cute. And while I don't always remember to (insert sad face, especially the for the stuff he's grown out of) I have caught a couple. This one is a hand-me-down from Nick, it's one of those things that he didn't really need since I had kept everything from Max, but was too cute to pass up. Although it ended up being awesome that I bought it because it ended up being perfect for Nick's first Halloween when I dressed him up as Pubert Addams.

body suit: Old Navy
socks: Target


He's got such a sweet face! It blows my mind sometimes that he's going to grow into a hairy man.