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25 February 2013

sunday best!

Well, since we cannot seem to go very long without getting sick (boo) we stayed home yesterday and kept our yucky stomach bug germs to ourselves. But since I didn't share the week before's outfit here it is today! Unfortunately, it is very hard to stay put together when you have a nursing baby. I looked very polished before we left the house (I never get ready in time to take pictures before church though), but by the time we got home I looked a little disheveled...

sweater: Old Navy
top: Old Navy
skirt: New York & Co.
belt: Forever 21
hose: Target (got them for Valentine's day!)
shoes: DSW

I would have also loved to wear a necklace since the neckline was calling for it (at least in my opinion), but until Mr. Oskar stops being so grabby jewelry is out of the question (it's tough enough having hair).

Speaking of Mr. Oskar, I went ahead and snapped a bunch of photos of us just because. I love that I have a blue eyed boy; I never thought I would. But I love that all three of my boys have different colored eyes.
And yes, that is a zit on my face. 27 years old and I'm still plagued with bad skin. Jeesh.


  1. You guys are super cute!! I love the eye colors too. I think Penny has my eye color, but you never know. Brandon's eyes are brown so we know for sure it isn't his lol

    I still have bad skin at 25, nearly 26.

  2. So cute I love the outfit! :)