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13 February 2013


So a few years ago I posted this question about how to get sweet oranges.

Yeah, didn't work. No matter what (big navel, feel of the peel, whatever) the oranges/tangerines/clementines I buy are always bitter. Well, except the one time I bought a bag of oranges from a guy off the side of the road. But even those weren't really sweet, they just weren't bitter.

I bought a bag of clementines from Costco the other day and was so excited to eat them. Well, these are the worst I've ever had. I had to spit it out it was so bitter. And now I have a giant bag of inedible clementines. Thanks Costco.

So I'm done. No more orange buying for me. I'm gonna stick with orange juice.


  1. :( Aww man! I have the same exact problem!

  2. The ones at the commissary are awesome this week. Sun West Navel Oranges 4lb bag...Well the bag is still half full but the first 3 I have had are really sweet :)
    The kids don't like them??? My kids love sour.