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11 April 2007


It's the end of the semester!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is a good and bad thing. It's good, because in about 2 to 3 weeks I'm done for the summer, but bad because my Studio project is due next Friday. Which means LOTS of very late nights until then. It's usually not so bad, but this is my first Studio project with a baby, so I can no longer work for hours uninterrupted. So if you see me with bags under my eyes or bloodshot eyes in the next couple of weeks, thats why. My project is pretty awesome, though... my partner Bianca and I are designing a stock brokerage in Downtown Greensboro called Bull Market, Inc. Once it is completed I'll post some images.

Now for our Easter weekend...
My sister Paige and her roommate came home from SVU an
d, of course, were all about Max. Saturday we had Easter dinner with my family and afterwards I cut both of my sisters hair. That night Max was not feeling well- he was up every hour all through the night crying. So, Easter morning saw a very sleep-deprived mom. But I managed to pull myself together so I could go to church and teach my class while Rob stayed home with Max. Unfortunately, Max didn't get to dress up in his new Easter outfit- not only was he not feeling well, it was way too cold for it. But later on that day we went over to Rob's parent's for another Easter dinner, and then I took hits sister's engagement photos. And then Monday it was back to the grind.

And now for pictures...

Max is able to sit up by himself for short periods of time!

A couple of pictures of my sister's new hairdo- not so
great pictures of her (sorry Laura).

The other day while I was doing the dishes Max was playing in his high chair, but halfway through I realized he's gotten awfully quiet- I turned around to find him passed out. I love that he's still holding on to the spoon.

My sister Laura is currently obsessed with Japan, and so decided Max was a Ninja baby. Notice his flying side kick on the right.

One of the photos I took for Rob's sister Alexis and her fiance Paul.


  1. I love the ninja baby and the falling asleep pictures. I remember when my younger brother use to fall asleep in his high chair. Once he fell asleep in his own birthday cake! Too funny. Hope all is going well.


  2. Whoa! You do everything!! Cut hair, take great picts, design buildings! Does anyone ever call you WONDER JACKIE!?

  3. Um, no I haven't been called Wonder Jackie before... I guess it does sound like i do a lot, but for me, it's just getting the restless energy out. I have to be doing something with my hands or else I go crazy- I can't even sit through a whole movie at home without doing something while its playing. And there are plenty of things I CAN'T do- I just have a lot of creative genes in me so I make things.

  4. LOVE the sleeping in the high chair pics! And I'm sad Max didn't get to wear his Easter outfit. Maybe this Sunday - it's supposed to be warmer. And then we can all ooh and aah over just him instead of all the babies in the ward! :)

  5. The haircut looks great--did you learn to do this somewhere or just by practicing? I can cut Andrew's and Brandon's hair, but I'm terrified to touch Whitney's. Girl hair is so complicated!

    Good luck with the next few weeks. Hopefully they'll fly by for ya.