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03 April 2007

Barking Spiders

Max has an oddity: he doesn't burp much. At least now, which is an improvement from before, when he would never burp. Instead, this child releases his gas in another fashion... out the rear end. Now, this is not a very polite thing to do, and he has a radar for knowing the worst time to do it. I have class Tuesday nights (professional practice) and usually take Max with me. Well, this particular night we were critiquing our website portfolios and during a little lull in the commentation (is that a real word?) Max decided to let loose. It was quite funny, however inappropriate. This sort of thing happens quite often and can be embarassing. His farts have even drowned out someone knocking on the door. And while it may be rude, because Max is a baby he can get away with it. But when Rob does it, he has to resort to the barking spiders story...

I'm still in school, and have to manage Max and schoolwork and housework all at the same time, which I somehow do (most of the time), and so the days that I don't have class during the day can get quite hectic. Today was one of those days. I got up, spent the better part of the morning taking care of mine and Max's physical needs, and then sat down to immerse myself in International Building Codes. Well, Max would have none of that so I spent even more time playing and feeding the starving child before he finally fell asleep. So I worked on code analysis and then Max woke up but was happy to just play on the floor while mom worked, and meanwhile I'm moving the laundry along at intervals. So, after Max goes to sleep again and it's quiet, I realize the washers stopped, so I go to move things along and discover Lake Erie in my kitchen (we have the pleasure of having our washer and dryer in the kitchen, although its better than a laundromat). And this all happens after the toilet leaked last week. DOES IT EVER END?! So Rob gets a hectic call and I go back to work after mopping up the water. Then I go to print my resume for the "mock interviews" in my class tonight (who comes up with this stuff?) and that wouldn't work and then Max wakes up and is a wriggle worm so I can hardly hold on to him while I'm trying to figure out WHY NOTHINGS WORKING! Then Rob got home and made everything better. I honestly don't know how anyone can live without a husband. And then I had to bade farewell to my little angel, leaving him screaming to go and explain to someone why I'm not going to work and why I don't want to because they can't imagine a world where your husband is the breadwinner and you're the homemaker (it's so "quaint"). But, overall it was not as bad a day as some I've had. And luckily, the washers not broken, just retarded.


  1. Hey Jackie,

    You amaze me! I can't believe you are in school along with taking care of a baby and the house. You go girl. Are you finishing up undergrad or grad school? What are you studying? Where do you take classes?

    On friday we came home to find our garage door opener broken! I was greatful my car was not stuck inside, but still I hate when things break!

    Max is so cute he can get away with anything! Let us know if we can ever babysit for you guys!


  2. Jackie,

    I too thing you are amazing. I can barely take care of Shaelyn and do my calling, much less the laundry, school work, and everything else you have going on. It's so great that Rob is such a good husband and father. I agree it would be impossible without these men! And kudos to you for working so hard on your education. When I decided not to go back to work, no one understood it either (see "Goodbye RHI" on my blog...). But I can't imagine anyone else raising my child! I hope the washer gets fixed soon. We have birds living in our attic and have to have animal control come out and take care of the problem. It's always something isn't it?! Hang in there!

  3. I also feel that you're amazing. Especially at Guitar Hero.

    I found it particularly insightful to learn that the ENTIRE Harmon family enjoys breastmilk... maybe we'll have to try it sometime! :-)

  4. to answer some questions asked... I am studying Interior Architecture at UNCG, and it is an undergrad degree. I wish I could say I was getting my Masters, but alas, no. And Shelley, don't feel bad for only having time to take care of Shaelyn and your calling- my mom is here in town and helps me out A LOT and my calling is nowhere near as intense as yours. And I find that if I'm not busy I'm lazy, so being in school actually helps me to stay on top of things. AndMichael, breastmilk is THE BEST if you're Max. I can't believe I made it sound like we were all in on it. Ugh, gross.