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01 April 2007

Babies and Pirates

So there have been a ton of babies born recently, and yet Max is the ONLY BOY! Now, I'm not automatically jumping to the conclusion that this is a bad thing, just a funny one (and a scary one as he gets older). As the only boy, Max will get his pick of the litter and without any competition his head may get a little swollen. So we'll have to work on that. But in the meantime, Max has been having little "special moments" with each girl, and one was caught on film: him holding hands with Clara Sherwood. Notice the "I'm caught!" expression on his face and the "I'm not doing anything" expression on Clara's. Oh, children.

Now, for pirates. Rob wants to be one. Seriously. He is pretty much obesessed with them. I can't tell you how many pirate realted clothing items and other miscellaneous things we have- we even have a treasure chest we got in Key West! As I write this, Pirates of the Carribbean is playing on the TV. He has played this movie SO MUCH I have it practically memorized. And if you ask Rob what his wildest dream is, he'll tell you to live on a sailboat. Honest to goodness. Although I must admit, there are worse obsessions a man can have. At least this one's fun.


  1. he is such the little man skank. it's so cute. look at that, he's holding her hand! i just got a huge kick out of that. i can't wait to see all of you next weekend.

  2. Great, blog, Jackie! Can't wait to read more about Max's flirting escapades and Rob's pirating. That one was a surprise to me!

  3. I think Max is the cutest baby boy I have ever seen! I love his smile. We need to have you guys over! We have been meaning to for a long time. Talk to you soon!

    Oh yeah I won't be in primary on Sunday so hopefully my class won't destroy the primary room. Sister Nickerson should be subing. See you soon.

  4. I love pirates too. Although not as much as Rob. But all my co-workers used to call me "piercing pirate" (because of my loud voice). They got me an eye patch and a hat and a hook for my hand. They also hung a pirate flag on my cube wall. So I'm glad to hear about another fellow pirate! Ahoy mateys. :)