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13 April 2007

My Three's

Ok, so here goes...

Three Things I Love:
1. Rob
2. Max
3. Vellum (I know this sounds random, but I LOVE vellum)

Three Things I Hate:
1. stupid people
2. cell phones
3. slow internet

Three People Who Make Me Laugh:
1. Max
2. Alex from Everything is Illuminated
3. Thomas from Smoke Signals

Three Things that Scare Me:
1. calling people on the telephone
2. ball pits (like the ones at McDonalds)
3. wasps (I never cared about stinging things until I got stung twice in my own bed in the middle of the night, and Max was laying next to me (luckily he didn't get stung))

Three Things I Don't Understand:
1. algebra
2. chemistry
3. why my house can't stay clean

Three Things On My Desk:
1. sewing machine
2. a bunch of random art supplies
3. building codes illustrated (and a ton of other stuff)

Three Things I Plan To Do Today (or Did Today):
1. rendered perspectives
2. picked out rubber flooring for our bathroom
3. put the logo for my project in Illustrator

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. visit every continent
2. milk a cow
3. have a completely self-sufficient, sustainable house and farm

Three Things I Can Do:
1. sew
2. draft
3. play the flute

Three Things I Can't Do:
1. make small talk
2. wake up early if I don't have to
3. keep a schedule

Three Things I Miss:
1. living close to D.C.
2. being able to work on stuff for hours and hours uninterrupted
3. my small boobs

Three Things I'd Like to Learn:
1. how to use a potters wheel
2. everything needed to become LEED Certified

Three Things I Regret:
1. Picking a 5 year program (otherwise I'd be graduating in a couple of weeks!)
2. not getting my braces off until right before I graduated
3. not working harder to become fluent in Italien

Three Favorite Foods:
1. bacon
2. french fries
3. cheerwine (although I guess technically it isn't a food, its a beverage)

Three Favorite TV Shows as a Kid:
1. Captain Planet
2. Doug
3. Breaker High

Three People I Tag(and these people can either do this on their own blogs, or comment on this one!)
1. Rob
2. Paige
3. Kelly D.


  1. Doug - I forgot all about that show! I loved it! Doug and his big nose. Maybe that's why I married a man with a big nose...

  2. Great lists, Jackie. I loved the onw about having a self-sustainable house and farm. So interesting!

    And you miss your small boobs? I was always THRILLED with the changes that came with nursing and missed them when I weaned.

  3. Jackie,
    I'm very impressed that you had time to blog during your end-of-semester crunch. I didn't know you were in a 5 year program... is that because you end up with essentially a double major?
    I also think the farm is a cool idea. Greg keeps saying he wants to have chickens one day... it would be a great idea if I weren't terrified of all birds!

  4. You miss small boobs? That is crazy madness!!! I can't wait until I am pregnant and then hopefully I will have some! ha ha ha.


  5. Believe me, I am impressed too- and I have to admit I owe my little breaks to having a great partner. She basically makes me take breaks periodically so I don't completely lose it, 'cause then I'd be worthless. And everyone, I thought I'd enjoy the boob improvement, but really, they just scare me. I have yet to get used to looking down and having somthing there, not to mention I'm not really sure what bra size I do wear now- I just guess.

  6. In my opinion Jackie, milking cows is overrated.