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22 April 2007

Yay! Beautiful Weather!

There's nothing quite like walking out of the house without a jacket, being able to just lounge outside, or even choking on pollen. I'm not a winter person- I only tolerate it because it makes me appreciate warm weather. So now that our little cold spell has either taken a break or gone for good, I fell so energized! My project was due last Friday, so I'm in a little lull between that and our critique, and needless to say, between that and the beautiful weather I have a spring in my step. It's like wearing rose-colored glasses; everything seems ok when it's warm.


  1. Ok, now I've seen the video and it brought tears to my eyes. That was beautifully done! That's the kind of stuff that I want to learn how to do. Did you put that together yourself or pay someone to do it? If you did it, can you teach me? Thanks for sharing! It made me remember all the adorable things about newborns!

  2. Yes bravo! Well done! And let's all go to the zoo one Saturday when the weather is nice!

  3. I did indeed do it myself- I used imovie and it's very intuitive and I can show you whenever. The only problem with imovie is that it's only available for macs, but I think there is a pc movie making program out there- I'll have to ask my friend who has a pc. (I'm assuming you have windows, if I'm wrong, let me know)