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15 April 2007

What a weekend!

Sometimes we have so much going on that my head spins, and this weekend was one of those times. Like I've mentioned before, my big semester-long project is due THIS Friday (I'm trying not to hyperventilate as I write this) so I've been consumed with that, but on top of it I had homework for my other classes and Rob volunteered me to paint a picture-taking thing that you stick your head through so it looks like you're a funny person or someplace else for the Russian booth at the International Fest at UNCG that happened Saturday. We were also hoping to make it to Michael Aagard's birthday party (I can't tell how much we wanted to go), but unfortunately, we didn't have time. So, with the thing for the Russian booth, I knew about it a couple of weeks before-hand, but towards the end of last week we were told it may not happen so Rob told me not to worry about it. I was very relieved to hear that, as I had a million other things to do, but we found out Friday afternoon that it was happening. Well, Friday I was at Bianca's working on our project, so Saturday morning we started it. Rob graciously put a couple of coats of Kilz on some cardboard for me, but that stuff took longer than we though to dry, so I had to rush and painted the thing in an hour and a half, then I used a blow-dryer to dry it and we packed up the car and flew to I-Fest to deposit it, and stayed there long enough for me to cut the hole and us to eat some Russian food and then we were off again, with Rob going to school to work on his project and me to my parent's so I could work on my stuff while my sister played with Max. And of course we stayed up way too late working, and so were the living dead at church. Following church, we were off to Bianca's so I could touch base with her and figure out what still has to be done, and then took Rob to school so he could finish his stuff and the I went to my parent's and crashed. We so can't wait until the semester is over so we can go back to our normal, relaxingnweekends, or at leat Sundays. And that's about it, beside working on homework. So now for the pictures to illustrate the events...

Here Max is showing off his awesome dirt-dyed hemp shirt.

Rob and Max posing as the Cheburashka (a Russian character)- this is the thing I painted for I-Fest... Rob and Max as we're leaving I-Fest

Max enjoying the fresh air- on the mower with his grandpa and chilling in the hammock...

And as promised, a couple of images from my project- these are of the roof-top apartment for important clients and VIP's, and the boardroom.

Oh, and just another note... We have a tooth! Max has finally gotten a tooth- it's on the bottom in the front (I don't know the names of teeth and I'm too lazy to look it up). Yet as exciting as it is, it's been miserable as our noramlly happy, easy-going baby is now fussy and cranky.


  1. We missed you at the party, but it definitely looks like you were stretched too thin! Good job painting those put your head through the hole things - they look great! The semester's almost over - you are so close to being able to breathe again! And congrats to Max on his first tooth! I know it means cranky baby, but what a milestone! Shaelyn may soon catch up with you...

  2. Max is the cutest monkey ever! Rob was a good looking monkey too, but Max takes the cake! Your project looks great! Calm relaxing weekends are just around the corner!

  3. Hey Jackie! We missed you at the party! You missed out on Greg cheating at every competition to try and win (he tried to knock David and I over in the three legged race). Then David was like the slowest person ever at the egg run thing. And the Holmes won almost every competition. Note to self: always pick them first to be on your team!

    Good luck with your final project! I bet it will turn out great!


  4. You are such a great artist, Jackie. I'm very impressed!

    In case you were wondering, Max's tooth is a mandibular incisor, probably letter O or P. (Yeah, I get to use my dental hygiene knowledge for something!)