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09 January 2013

check out my guest post!

Nick in all his snotty glory.

I've been so lucky to make some great friends through blogging, one of them being Erika at Chambanachik. And today she hosted me over in her space to write about what life is like when our soldier is away!

So if you would like to read about what life is like for the Harmon Squad while dad is gone, check it out! 

And I'm not going to lie, things are not that much better even when dad isn't away...  (like, our Christmas decorations are still up. I'm thinking I should get on that soon...)

I'm not the only one who struggles keeping it all together, right??

And now, I'm off to eat a bowl of cereal.


  1. I loved your guest post!! :)

  2. Perfect post and I just took down my decorations today. Although I easily could have left them up another month. My house looks so sad now without Christmas cards everywhere and the nativity scene. xo

  3. i love you. you and i are a lot the same. different circumstances, same struggles. have you read the "drops of awesome" post that is viral right now? you need to.


  4. Thank you for guesting today! I loved it, and it's obvious everyone else did too. :)

  5. I read your guest post and I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I have people all around me who say "You're such a great mom!" and "I have no idea how you do it" and I feel so unworthy of their praise because of exactly what you've expressed. My house is a disaster, the kids don't get baths as often as they should, they eat chocolate chip waffles and cereal for a good amount of meals every week. I've honestly felt so alone, but now it's nice to read about someone you previously thought really had it all together and know that they're just as exhausted and worn out as you.