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29 January 2013

sunday best: fashion week!

Well, even though I haven't been posting them I've been taking photos of my outfits each Sunday. So in order to catch up you get to see them all this week!

This day I was kind of tired so I went with comfy. I was able to squeeze into this skirt again which made me very happy! And I probably should have ironed my shirt before putting it on, but I was tired so I didn't. That seems to be my life theme these days... (like things like ironed shirts actually matter in the grand scheme of things, right?)

sweater: Old Navy. Rob calls it my grandma sweater.
top: Old Navy.
skirt: New York & Co.
hose: Target? Or Forever 21. One of those. I've got quite the collection of tights now. After the flesh-colored monstrosities of my youth I never thought I would say that.
shoes: Minnetonka moccasins.