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08 January 2013

sunday best: finally!

I'm so excited to have a Sunday best to share! My postpartum body doesn't have much that will fit it well; I've been stuck with the same couple of skirts for the past few months and I don't find them very inspring this time around. (I have tons of dresses that would fit my larger waistline and chest beautifully but they do not have chest access so no dice. And I know you're thinking the "larger waist my foot" thoughts and I understand that I have nothing to complain about in the body department, but the fact of the matter is I am bigger than my normal size that I am when not pregnant or breast feeding. And no matter how good you look, not fitting into your favorite clothes is always a matter for sadness.) But I was able to squeeze into this skirt this past week and took advantage of it! I can't guarantee this means I will have something to share every week (or almost every week) however. Next week I will probably be back in those darn skirts again.

jacket: Old Navy
top: Forever 21 (I bought this when Oskar was like a week old for family photos. It was the only thing that didn't make my just-had-baby-body look hideous.)
skirt: New York & Company (circa 2002?)
hose: Christmas present from my grandmother! I LOVE what she picks out every year.
boots: DSW. These were one of my Christmas presents from Rob. Didn't he do FABULOUS? I had pinned a bunch of boots on pinterest and he checked them out and bought his favorite. I am kind of obsessed with them and have worn them a lot in the couple weeks since Christmas. Like I told him, "I feel POWERFUL when I wear these boots!"


And don't you love my hair curled?! I wish it didn't take so long so I could do it like this every day.


  1. Jackie look you amazing! And I love your hair curled. So cute!

  2. You look soooo pretty and yes I love your hair curled. :)

  3. Hottie McHottington! You looks SO good Jax! This outfit is too cute...and the curled hair is an added bonus!

  4. I love you outfit. And those boots.... so hot.