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31 January 2013

what i wore to the ball volume three.

We had the annual St. Barbara's Day Ball back in December and I actually left my baby so I could go (thank you Sam and Laurie!!). I thought I was all set when it came to ball gowns between the ones I have in my closet and the couple I have the patterns and fabric for, but then I realized none of it would fit my post-baby/nursing body. Everything was either too small or too fitted in the waist. So I picked up the pattern and fabric at our oh-so-lovely Jo-Ann's (meaning, I made do with what they had available) and made another dress!

Like last year, we were running a little late and it gets dark so early in December so the pictures were just snapped really quick inside when we were dropping the kids off. (so the lighting isn't the greatest) But I did put my dress back on a few weeks later after I had taken photos of my church outfit so you can see the whole thing (just minus the hair and makeup of that night).

So without further ado:
I made Rob get in the picture with me, he wasn't too thrilled with that.


I would like to point out the giant stain on my rear end. On our way over to Sam's house to drop the kids off I sat on some chocolate on the front seat of my car. This chocolate was stuck to one of the kids toys that had been thrown on the seat at some point, and in the rush and darkness I failed to notice it before sitting down. Rob got it off as well as he could, but as you can tell he wasn't able to get it all off. So I got to walk around like this for several hours. The joys of children, I tell you.

I used this pattern, but altered it so the top had a higher neckline in the front and I added some little sleeves to it. I'm really happy how it turned out. It hid my squishy belly so I can't ask for more than that!

And now I have a dress for every body type I go through; pregnancy, post-baby, and normal. Never thought I'd have a whole section of my closet devoted to gowns...


  1. I love it! The colors are great.

  2. You look beautiful! Chocolate spot and all! lol You two are such a good lookin' couple and I adore the dress you made!