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22 January 2013

this little boy.

poor kid got my sensitive skin. El Paso winters are not kind to us.

As my children grow and enter new stages of development I've discovered each one is challenging. People warn you about the terrible twos, but they never mention the fact that three is rough too. And so is four, and five, and so on and so forth. Right now we are struggling with our mouthy six year old. I think homeschooling has spared us the "bad words," but Max can still say some things worthy of soap in the mouth.

BUT, he also says some very hilarious and very clever things too. Stuff that at first I'm like "what in the world?" but then I think about it and can see how he came to that conclusion.

Like today. He got to watch a movie (Brave! We just got it and I hadn't seen it before and love it!) and once it was done he had to turn the tv off. Something he did NOT want to do. But he did it, only to say something not nice to me in the process. He had to come apologize to me for it, and as he sobbed into my side he said "You are killing my feelings." (side note: anytime he has to do something he doesn't want to he tells us we're hurting his feelings)

Which is pretty funny and I told him I was sorry and we laughed together (although I'm pretty sure he was just laughing because I was). And a little later I realized that he wasn't just making up his own phrase, but he was escalating the amount of hurt his feelings received. I suppose he thinks if I realize I am not just hurting, but killing his feelings he can watch tv all day?

Not happening bud. If you have no feelings left by adulthood I take full responsibility.