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17 January 2013

when did become thursday?

Is it just me, or did this week fly by? I honestly had some posts planned for this week... and here we are. Sorry. Maybe next week?

But while I'm here, I do have happy news! One of my images is part of today's post on Let the Kids Dress Themselves! On Thursdays they do Technique Thursdays where they talk about some aspect of photography, and today is about wide angle lenses. I hope you check it out!

And because I think posts look lonely when I don't put a picture, here is me with curly hair and makeup (this was my test run for the ball we had in December. What I wore to that is coming soon):
(gotta love computer camera self portraits!)

And one last thing, I wrote this entire post one handed. I'm getting quite good at it. (thanks Oskar!)


  1. Can you stop being so cute? You are making me look frumpy and a mess. And congrats on being featured on the website! You take awesome photos!