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15 May 2012

2011 in review: may and june

The original plan was to post about 2011 at the start of the new year... then my body decided to freak out over being pregnant. So you get them now!


first row, left to right:
1. Nick finding the view in my lens fascinating.
2. May the 4th be with you! (I made these sugar cookies and the white stars are sugar pearls)
3. This boy LOVES popcorn. Just like his Uncle Hunter and Aunt Laura.
4. My boys and I on Mothers Day!

second row, left to right
5. Grandpa came to visit! I love both of them in this shot.
6. And he brought Laura! (who stayed with us all summer)
7. I went for a bike ride with the boys and they both fell asleep:)
8. Perler beads with Laura is the greatest!

third row, left to right:
9. Enjoying his birthday cake!!
10. Already ONE YEAR OLD! (and on the move!)
11. Max concentrating on making a masterpiece.
12. Happy Birthday to Rob! He turned 32 and you better believe I put 32 candles on that cake. If yo can't tell, 32 candles makes for quite the fireball...

bottom row, left to right:
13. Playing in the backyard. In the blistering heat. We didn't last too long. (if you can't tell by this face)
14. The heat's ok if you stand in the pool though. Although the water was too cold for even this heat. I'm no scientist so I don't know if I'm right, but it seems that without any humidity cold water is not as refreshing as you would think. The disparity between hot and cold is too much for the body. And it's really hard to get the water warm because if you just let it sit the wind blows your pool full of sand, giving you mud. We just can't win here.
15. This picture melts my heart. These boys love their dad so so much but don't get to see him nearly enough.
16. I kicked off my Sunday best posting this month... this is an outtake. I can't believe the air Laura got!


first row, left to right:
1. It RAINED!!!!! We stood at that window marveling at the event for awhile.
2. Nick practiced his balancing skills in such a novel place (the window seat!)
3. Showing off his cool camo bandaids after getting his one year shots.
4. This is the "are you really taking a picture of me?" face.

second row, left to right:
5. I love this action shot. And the flash of dimple.
6. This is what we call the ugly cry.
7. And what he looked like, quite literally, one minute later. All toddlers are bi-polar.
8. Self portrait in the bathroom mirror!

third row, left to right:
9. Rob bought me flowers! Well, technically I bought them for myself but since he's the one who makes the money I can say he bought them for me.
10. My Max.
11. Oh, this face!
12. And this one! It's ridiculous how many pictures I have of these boys.

bottom row, left to right:
13. Balloons are a BIG hit with my boys. Number 1 toy in our house.
14. Max will pose for Laura, but not for me...
15. Laura. taken by Max.
16. Look at those chompers!

next up, July and August!

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