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21 May 2012



Today our Nicola is TWO YEARS OLD! 

I can't believe it. Well, actually I can. Every day we got closer to today he got a little more vinegar in him... (I know you moms of toddlers know what I'm talking about)

Despite that, he is still my "gentle soul." He loves to give hugs and kisses and to snuggle. And may become that artist I want so bad. 

He is also so so happy all of the time. He'll get upset, but is quick to get over it and revert back to his happy self!

He is also very mischievous. My studio is a gold mine of treasures for him to find in his mind! Never mind the gold mine of toys in his room...

It's hard to imagine life without this little one and I am so so grateful to be his mom. 


  1. Happy birthday! Sammy and I are sorry that we didn't get to spend it with you, but I know we'll see each other soon!