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23 May 2012

just a little face shot

So I recently switched from the Army hospital here to an off-post provider and it was the best decision ever. It wasn't something I had planned on, but after asking questions about the birth and getting some unsatisfactory answers, along with the sub-par ultrasound experience I really felt like it was time to get the heck out of there. So I did, and I found a midwife!! That I absolutely love and puts me completely at ease. It's a good feeling to know you're in good hands. (and the brand new women's pavilion the hospital just opened helps too...)

And I was SO excited when she ordered another ultrasound done just to make sure everything was good to go! It was yesterday and I got to see the screen the entire time and the tech told me everything she was looking at. And I finally got to see Oskar's profile. 

(he's got his lips pursed)

He even smiled for me at one point!

Unfortunately, we didn't get any awesome shots of his face because it was smashed into the placenta and both arms were up over his head (signature Harmon boy move). But I did find out he's got some big feet (just under 2 inches already!) and a big head (guess we'll see if it's still big when he's born). And while I'm 27 weeks, he's measuring 29 weeks (and is almost 3 pounds). The tech said that's normal, they'll go through growth spurts while in the womb too. I just hope she's either right or he comes early... we all know how tiny my body is so the last thing I need is a big baby. But since I'm really really hoping to deliver on Harry Potter's birthday, maybe the chances of that are higher? Guess we'll find out.

Also, only 10 weeks until I'm full term. This whole third baby thing is becoming more real all the time. (yes, I'm still wrapping my head around this pregnancy. Some days I really can't believe I'm pregnant again.)

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  1. Yay!!! So glad you feel more comfortable with your new midwife! Finger's crossed for Harry Potter's bday! :)