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17 May 2012

2011 in review: september and october

The original plan was to post about 2011 at the start of the new year... then my body decided to freak out over being pregnant. So you get them now!

(I didn't take very many pictures in September. And almost all of them were of me. That never happens.)

first row, left to right:
1. My little cutie. One of his favorite things is to hang in the front where all the rocks are. We make sure to watch him closely so he doesn't throw the rocks at our cars.
2. Another shot of me all ready for the ball. I know you can't really see me too well, but I'm making an "alluring face." I find it kind of funny.
3. Rob and I at the ball! I really need to get a good picture of him in his dress uniform. Rob + uniforms = yum.
4. I love how his little face just barely peeks over the edge of the counter!

second row, left to right:
5. I officially stopped breastfeeding on our trip to NC and was super in love with my body for the next couple of months (before shrinking down to my normal weight. I'd prefer to be a few pounds heavier than my normal weight but I have no control over that so I just bask in my ideal weight while I have it). And I felt the need to document it this particular day. (I guess I really like how this outfit fit)
6. And I liked the shadows. The light in the back of our hose is my favorite.
7. I took some head shots during one of my Sunday best sessions (I was feeling sassy this day) and this was my second favorite. (my first is my profile picture on facebook)
8. Another Sunday best session, and not an image I chose but I love it. Nick is my little snuggle muffin.

third row, left to right:
9. I love the story this row tells... this picture is of Nick not happy I won't give him the remote to my camera.
10. He pulls the dramatics and throws himself to floor in protest.
11. I realize I won't get any more shots so give him the remote. And as I'm handing it to him he snaps this gem of my rear end. Good to know my posterity will know what I look like from that angle!
12. He, of course, cheers right up and takes about 50 pictures of himself pretty much identical to this one.

bottom row, left to right:
13. My five year old! This is pretty much what I get when I ask Max to take a picture of him. Although this instance I got lucky and he humored me and posed after I snapped this one. Normally I'd get this apathetic shot, then the hand.
14. The awesome pinata I made! Yup, pretty proud I managed to pull it off.
15. Nick having too much fun with the baseball bat. Even at 18 months he couldn't resist being ALLOWED to swing the bat something.
16. Max was just as happy to snatch candy off the floor as he was to open presents.


first row, left to right:
1. We headed up to Washington state to visit the Goodwins right at the beginning of the month. To help with packing, I took pictures of outfits I could put together with as few clothing items as possible. This was one of my favorites.
2. I loved this one too.
3. And this one. I'll make sure to check these pictures out when it gets cold again.
4. Thank goodness for a play area at the airport! I don't think I would've survived our layover if this hadn't been there. (although it would have been even more awesome if it was enclosed. I spent half the time chasing Nick down since he loved running away)

second row, left to right:
5. We discovered Nick loves benches. It didn't matter what awesome place we were at (like the top of the space needle), he would find a bench to climb on.
6. Pink camo anyone? Sexy, right!?
7. Max and his best friend with a bunch of dead animals.
8. When we got home I made Rob an apple pie since he couldn't come.

third row, left to right:
9. Nick's favorite thing to do is crash my Sunday best sessions. He just loves the camera, what can I say?
10. My little stud muffin.
11. A friend sent us LEAVES!!!!
12. I rocked a shirt from high school... this is the same Jay Hernandez that helped with my website. He's always been pretty awesome.

bottom row, left to right:
13. Nick trying on his Halloween costume. I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not (a friend gave it to us since her son was terrified of it) but we put it on Nick and DIED he was so cute!
14. I think a big part of why he looked so cute in it was it matched his hair perfectly. Because let's face it, he already is monkey with all the hair he has.
15. Max ringing a doorbell while trick or treating. He's got this thing down pat now.
16. Nick got a bag of pretzels and a glow stick and was content to sit the rest of the night out!

Next up, November and December!

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