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22 May 2012

thank you.

Sorry this is so belated, but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who left kind words over the past week-ish. And to say welcome to those of you who just started reading slash found me through the blog hop!

I do have an excuse for the delay, however...

The past week we were on the road fetching AUNT LAURA!!  (my sister and the current holder of "favorite aunt status")


Her semester finished up a couple weeks ago and she decided she wanted to spend the summer with us (a fact I am not only not going to complain about, but embrace whole heartedly). I can't lie, it is amazing to have someone help out with the boys while I am still not 100%. And Max especially is over the moon to have her here. Our first day back he was showing her all of his favorite things and constantly asking her to watch him play video games or do this or that. It cracked us up. 

And I hope we are able to keep you all entertained! I'm actually pretty boring so hopefully I won't let you down:)

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